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3. May 2003

Tags: Peace / Human Rights

This event took place on the last day of a 5-day conference on constellation work that also had a special focus on working with countries in conflict.

N° of Participants
1 day
English and German

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    Sponsoring Organisation

    1. Institut für Systemaufstellungen und Integrative Lösungen, Dr. Albrecht Mahr, Würzburg


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      Owen, Harrison

    2. Thumb

      Pannwitz, Michael M


    1. Detlefsen, Malte

    2. Detlefsen, Ute

    3. Gaier, Christine

    4. Karahan, Serpil

    5. Thumb

      Konstantinidou, Mia

    6. Thumb

      Kozok, Barbara

    7. Pannwitz, Daniel

    8. Thumb

      Pannwitz, Michael

    9. Thumb

      Toepfer, Jo

    10. Wicke, Hans-Georg

    A thorough film on this event, including interviews with participants and Harrison Owen is available here


    Here is a contribution by Erich Kolenaty who participated in the event:

    "I selected this presentation out of 400 pictures, arranged them and added my words. It shows the procedures of the day in a lively way. Many thanks to the photographers, who shared their pictures and to Jo Töpfer who made the collecting of the material and the pre-selection.

    Feel free to use the show for the benefit of Open Space.
    Erich Kolenaty"