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17. May 2011 - 20. May 2011

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Poliste (Italy), geniusloci (Italy), boscop eg (Germany) and Co-Inviters from all over Europe invite you to the 2nd European Open Space Learning Exchange May 17th through 20th, 2011 in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy).

N° of Participants
3 days


Sponsoring Organisations

  1. Thumb Genius Loci sas
  2. Thumb Poliste
  3. Thumb boscop eg


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    Gelao, Andrea

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    Gross, Claudia

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    Hillebrand, Sebastian

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    Jakobowski, Valérie

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    Klymyshyn, Andriy

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    Little, Frank

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    Pannwitz, Michael M

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    Pignatelli, Germana

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    Pugno, Elena

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    Sarv, Mikk

Dear friends of Open Space,

after gathering for the First European Learning Exchange in Paris in October 2009, we are happy and proud to invite you to come to Cagliari/ Italy in May 2011 for the Second European Opn Space Learning Exchange.

This event is a unique chance to meet and link up with other European colleagues and learn how they are using Open Space in their work and daily practice. Living, experiencing and working in Open Space for three days with people from all over Europe interested in Open Space Technology. How does it work? Why does it work? How can I make a living with it? What is selforganisation, anyway, and what does it have to do with Open Space Technology? What is it useful for? Why are people so enthusiastic about it?...

This event is a unique opportunity for you to…

  • Deepen Open Space Principles in your work and live
  • Connect with Open Space practitioners from around Europe
  • Share your experience and exchange ideas,
  • Reflect on how we can expand our practice with Open Space,
  • Refresh and have fun!

Please forward this invitation to any of your colleagues and contacts who may be interested.


Tuesday, 17th May        7 pm – 9 pm Welcome Ceremony
Wednesday, 18th May    10 am – 6 pm Learning Exchange
Thursday, 19th May       10 am – 6 pm Learning Exchange
Friday, 20th May           10 am – 2 pm Learning Exchange

The event will be conducted as a complete Open Space Technology meeting over three days including Action Planning.

Fee, Payment & Refund

The participation fee is EUR 359 (299 + VAT). If you register before December 31, 2010 the fee is EUR 299 (249 + VAT).
Please note that VAT is exempted if you come from an European Union member state different than Italy and if you have a VAT number.

For this you get a permanent buffet, a great venue, English facilitation, Sardinian style Open Space working environment, instant Book of Proceedings and hopefully a lot of fun!

After registration you will receive an invoice which contains all the payment details.

If you cancel by February 1, 2011 we can refund 80% of your fee. If you cancel by March 1, 2011 we can refund 50% of your fee. If you cancel after that we can not offer a refund.


To register please click [here...]
After registration you also see the list of who else is coming. Please note that the maximum number of participants is 60 people.


A list of places to stay in Cagliari can be downloaded here...

See you in Cagliari in May 2011!
Gerardo de Luzenberger, geniusloci, Milano
Luca Melis, Poliste, Cagliari
Serenella Paci, Poliste, Cagliari
Jo Toepfer, boscop eg, Berlin
Jutta Weimar, boscop eg, Berlin

and many co-inviters from all over Europe