19. November 2010

What are your dreams about Eutokia? How could we cooperate? Report on an Open Space event (CO!NSPIRING EUTOKIA) Here, the link to the report done by the sponsors based in the info gathered during the event: This mid-day event took place last aweek ago. Friday (XI-19) afternoon. More or less 30 people were at the start (but we had no idea before, as we hadn`t asked for registration) and at the closing. 10 conversations purposed and 1 shamanic session also. It ran fine, very well I`d say, for the reactions on and after it. I still have to meet the sponsors for the post-analysis. - The context: most people were coming first time to know this place -EUTOKIA- that was presented all along the week to small groups, officially inaugurated on Thursday, and finishing the week on Friday with the OS with people from the community to envision and cocreate its furure activity. OS was new to (almost) everyone, I´d say. -opening: some 15 minutes, in Basque and Spanish. - Reports: people took notes as I asked in the introduction. Besides, some people from the sponsor´s team made a mind-map based on the reports, as it was the sponsor´s purpose. -Closing: d more real. It expressed a need of more: more time for conversations. Going beyond. Deciding about actions to take... Eleder BM31_Bilbao: Mind Mapping-Open Space Technology-Creativity (Basque) Twitter: @Eleder_BM

N° of Participants
1 day


Sponsoring Organisations

  1. AMASTÉ Comunicación


  1. Aurtenetxe Pildain, Eleder